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Friday, April 19, 2013

Clients Talk about the Power of Kimberly Jessy Companies Celebrity Business Model

Kimberly Jessy Bowles Companies Gets Results Always, the PROOF is in the Pudding!

PRLog (Press Release) - Apr. 4, 2013 - HOLLYWOOD -- The one time testimonial from a former client:

Clarissa Burton States:

My greatest passion was to become a published author and write for the rest of my life. As a published author, I knew I had a unique voice and a story many needed to hear. Yet, I struggled with public relations and obtaining a large and consistent audience. I have been blessed to meet Kimberly “Celebritypreneur” Jessy, Chloe Benoit, and Blythe Marie-Claire. These Public Relations divas have changed my life significantly.

Their powerful guidance and personal care has drown out so much of my hidden creativity it almost scared me. I had no idea all the laden talent with me until I became their client. My life has forever changed as well as my business model. I have an awesome brand, International Investigative Feminist Journalist and Media Historian Correspondent.

Yes, it’s a long title but that is exactly my brand. I’m a firm believer in fate and karma. Life is too short to live in constant regret. I no longer life in a world of “should haves” and “could haves”. I’m living a life of “I HAVES”. Thanks, Kimberly, Chloe, and Blythe for all your confidence, love, professionalism, and support.” Clarissa Burton, BWE Bloggersphere.

Kimberly Jessy's Celebritypreneur™ Brand helps clients brand their businesses in ways so that they can get Celebrity Clientele. Celebritypreneur's™ Motto is.

What feeling does a Customer or Potential Customer Get when they look at YOUR BRAND? Does it really represent who you are? Or better yet, does it represent the “Feeling” THE Person want’s to have doing business with you!

Want to Sharpen Your Business Image?
Want to build a Celebrity Business from the Ground up?
Want to learn the essential keys needed in order to be considered a REAL CELEBRITY BRAND?
Want to be the brand the TV Hosts & Journalist go to?
Want to Create your own Magazine Site?
Want to learn how to contact Celebrities? Easily?
Want to learn how to put on an Event and Invite Celebs?


If you don’t stand out from the crowd you DON’T STAND A CHANCE IN YOUR BUSINESS!!
Kimberly Jessy Companies runs an International Online Publicity Boutique specializing in Online Publicity, Online Marketing, and Branding. Kimberly Jessy Companies has several mega brands, including, Paper Doll Branding™, Doll Phace Press™, Once Upon A Story Book Publishing™, Glamourpreneur™ and more.

Kimberly Jessy has been dubbed

“The Lady Gaga of “Marketing & Branding”

Kimberly Jessy is a “STAND OUT EXPERT” that teaches:

Flamboyant Marketing, That Attracts, Intrigues, & Inspires ~STAND OUT & Be the Celebrity In Your Niche ..

Kimberly Changes Lives. The Proof is there!! This client is LIVING what Kimberly Jessy Bowles Taught her!

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